8 Adventure-filled Summer Camp Activities for Your Kids in 2022

How do you keep your kids entertained and energetic all summer long? What you need is a long list of fun, exciting, challenging ideas for summer camp activities that keep everyone engaged and happy. Most significantly, great summer camp activities assist in building community spirit among kids. They act as a fantabulous add-on that urges children to come back next summer.

From games to art & craft, projects, experiments, the largest zipline Dubai parks, and much more, here is a list of adventure-filled activities that will keep children engaged and delighted.

1.  Field Day

Field Day is a favorite with children of all ages because it allows them to participate in a variety of outdoor activities. Set up numerous stations with group activities such as a three-legged race, water balloon hot potato, egg relay race with spoons, potato sack race, bean bag throw, sprinkler limbo, super soaker tag, and so on.

Therefore, create entertaining outdoor games that allow the kids to become wet, muddy, and fatigued.

2.  Cabin Carnival

Allow youngsters in the morning to come up with a fun carnival game that they may make out of items found in their cabins or outside in nature. Then schedule an afternoon for the kids to go from cabin to cabin and play carnival activities they created.

You can also supply certain basic items, such as:

  • Empty glasses and bottles
  • Balls for ping pong
  • Makeup for the face
  • Bags of beans
  • Balloons
  • Hula hooping
  • Ducks made of rubber

Instead of awards, offer each cabin a stamp or sticker that campers may earn as they finish each activity.

3.  Woodshop

Kids love to work with woods, acting like professional carpenters. Usually, they are enthusiastic to handle woodworking tools. Thus, you can start simple projects and make them your apprentice. It will help kids master using woodworking tools safely. Later, you can transition to more complex projects such as birdhouses or hanging planters. Hence, it will be fun for kids to have several wood shops at their summer camp!

4.  Water Balloon DodgeBall

Dodgeball is more enjoyable when water balloons take charge! This is a great game for those hot days at summer camp when the kids want to cool down in a fun way. You may assign colored balloons to different teams and see which one receives the most hits. The top two teams should square up for a final dodgeball battle.

5.  Spray Paint

To cultivate creativity in a child, activities focused on spray painting are ideal to keep the creative juices flowing. One of the easiest and best summer camps in which you use sprays is T-shirt painting. All you need is a plain white T-shirt and a car of colorful spray paints and let your mind to the magic!

It is astonishing to see some of the most organic and wacky ideas come to the surface from youngsters. It will boost creativity in them, and you will be left shell-shocked.

6.  Outdoor Twisters

Twister is a popular game among today’s kids and youngsters, and it’s a terrific summer camp activity. A person will oversee the game and call out colors that can be placed outside. Participants must place either their hands or their legs on the same color. Thus, it is a thrilling and engaging game that emphasizes hand-eye coordination.

7.  The Maze

Are you seeking summer camp activity and game ideas? Then this is it! The maze game set in the woods is one of the most enjoyable activities at a summer camp. The chosen individual is then asked to navigate the maze in a set amount of time without violating any rule.

You can organize a competition amongst at least 3-5 people to choose the winner. It is one of the most creative and amusing summer camp ideas for both kids and adults.

8.  Art & Craft

Children are always in need of enjoyable activities. As a result, art and craft activities are a terrific method to keep children entertained while also ensuring that they remain productive. When given some materials to work with, youngsters may be creative in a variety of ways, from constructing pencil holders to crafting cards. This game is also beneficial to the child’s brain memory.

Hence, this makes it one of the greatest summer camp Dubai activities for preschoolers since it brings out the children’s latent creativity while also making us aware of their potential and inclinations.

In all, you can level up the fun this summer season by separating children from the glamorous lifestyle of Dubai and bringing them out in nature. These summer camp activities will enhance their emotional, mental and physical health!   

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