How do Empty Cigarette Boxes & Materials of a Cigarette Brand Affect a Cigarette Brand?

Addiction is the common power of all types of cigarette brands. Tobacco is the common source point for all types of cigarette brands. Time has proved that no external ingredients could ever help any brand beat the other. Similarly, we see a brand at the rate of $10 per packet of 20 cigarettes. On the other hand, we see $2 per packet of another brand at the same cigarette shop. Why is there such a valued disputation among Cigarette Packaging Boxes? What does distinguish them despite so many common things and points? Are these Empty Cigarette Boxes & materials of the cigarette brand or something else?

Sigh! There are still many distinguishing things despite the common things in cigarette brands.

Here, we will enlist twenty cigarette brands available in different countries of the world. We will also discuss the key factors that have distinguished all the available cigarette brands and helped some of them stand out among all in the whole world.

List of Cigarette Brands of Different Countries

  1. 286

Manufacturer: Merapi Agung Lestari Origin: Indonesia 

  1. 305

Manufacturer: Dosal Tobacco Origin: America 

It would be worth mentioning that Dosal manufacturer no more exists. 

  1. 567

Manufacturer: Lima Enam Tujuh Nasional Origin: Indonesia

  1. A Mild Manufacturer:

Sampoerna  Origin: Indonesia Release Date: 1990 

  1. Absolute Mild

Manufacturer: Japan Tobacco Origin: Indonesia

  1. Access Mild 

Manufacturer: Moira Mulia Origin: Indonesia 

  1. Akhtamar 

Manufacturer: Grand Tobacco Origin: Armenia 

  1. Alain Delon Manufacturer: 

British American Tobacco Origin: Cambodia Release Date: 1992 

  1. American Street Premium 

Manufacturer: Adlon Euro-business Origin: Spain 

  1. Berkeley 

Manufacturer: ITC Limited Origin: India 

  1. Black Devil

 Manufacturer: Heupink & Bloemen Origin: Netherlands

  1. Boss

 Manufacturer: PMFTC Origin: Philippines  

  1. Canadian Classics 

Manufacturer: Rothmans

  1. Benson & Hedges 

Origin: Canada Release Date: Mid 90s 

  1. Capstan 

Manufacturer: Imperial Brands, Sri Lanka only Origin: United Kingdom Release Date: 1894  

  1. Chunghwa 

Manufacturer: Shanghai Tobacco Group Origin: China Release Date: 1949  

  1. Dalila

 Manufacturer: Česko-Slovenský tabakový priemysel Origin: Slovakia 

  1.  Fatima 

Manufacturer: Liggett Group Origin: Turkey  

  1.  John Player Gold Leaf 

Manufacturer: Ceylon Tobacco Company Origin: Sri Lanka

  1.  Time 

Manufacturer: Dubek Origin: Israel  

  1. Sweet Afton 

Manufacturer: British American Tobacco Origin: Ireland Release Date: 1919

What does differentiate one brand from another one?

We have already discussed the location, manufacturers, and price differences among the cigarette brands. If we talk about any product, we always talk about its quality. Similarly, if we talk about the cigarette brand, it is also all about its quality. However, two aspects are everything for a cigarette brand.

  1. Quality of Packaging Material

Packaging of cigarette brands is considered ideal in Custom Cigarette Boxes. However, before we jump to the packaging, let’s first understand the components of cigarettes. Components of a cigarette are of two main parts. 

  • Tobacco Rod

Tobacco rod is a rolling paper that holds the tobacco. The rolling paper of a cigarette is a cardboard wrapper. So, it should be as much dry as possible. Smokers like to smoke dry cigarettes and avoid wet ones. It is actually a cigarette paper because smokers also smoke it. Therefore, it is equally important to select a high-quality paper.

  • Filtration Zone

Filtration zone is the first part of the cigarette that smokers smoke through. Every smoker is conscious of the quality of filter paper. Therefore, some smokers change their cigarettes if they are not satisfied with the filter quality. Similarly, many smokers used to use extra filters to avoid discomfort. Different types of filters are available in the market. However, it would be wise to maintain the quality of the primary filter of the cigarette because most people can’t afford it.

  1. Quality of Tobacco

It is the smoke that people taste and enjoy. It is the second factor that differentiates cigarette brands. After all, every manufacturer collects the tobacco from the same plants. However, techniques like refining, sterilizing, and manufacturing matter the most.


There are hundreds of cigarette brands in the world with different prices and values. It is the quality of its material and tobacco that helps a brand make its top-ranking product. Secondly, Custom Cigarette Boxes add more value to these brands once they are ready to launch in the market.

Therefore, if you are the manufacturer of cigarette brands, must ensure these important factors as mentioned above. You can order high-quality Empty Cigarette Boxes  for your cigarette brands from trusted packaging companies. These best quality Cigarette Packaging Boxes provide a unique image to your brand in the market.

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