Sherry Dyson Net Worth: Biography, Career & Personal Life 2022

Who Is Sherry Dyson?

Sherry Dyson is a mathematician with a lot of experience. She was known as the ex-wife of Chris, an American businessman, and motivational speaker. She has gained widespread attention in the media. Sherry Dyson’s net worth is because of Chris Gardner. Before becoming a millionaire, Chris had a rough upbringing, and Chris battled homelessness while also raising a Chris Gardner son on his own for some time.

Christopher Jarrett Medina Gardner is the name of their son. Despite his difficulties, he persevered and finally began his career as a stockbroker. Finally, things began to look well for him, and he established his firm, Gardner Rich and Co. Continue reading to learn more about what happened between these two people.

Sherry Dyson Net Worth

Sherry makes a living as a teacher, which she enjoys doing very much. As of 2022, she is expected to have a net worth ranging from around $100,000 to approximately $500,000. On the other hand, according to other sources, her ex-husband is expected to have a net worth of roughly $70 million in 2022.

Biography of Sherry Dyson

  • Place of birth: Virginia (United States)
    Date of birth: January 5, 1949.
    Hair color: black.
    Eye color: black.
    Nationality: American
    Expertise: Mathematician
    Height: five feet five inches.
    Married: 1977 with Chris Gardner
    Died: April 7, 2000
    Religion: Christianity

Sherry Dyson was from VA (United States). She was a great math instructor, and she was an American-born Christian. Christopher Jarrett Gardner Jr. was born in 1981, and his parents divorced when he was four.

The judge allowed him to live with his father. Her husband, Chris Gardner, is an American businessman, and she was famous. The couple wed on June 18, 1977. After nine years, Chris and Sherry formally split.

We all know Sherry Dyson as Chris Gardner’s ex-wife, but she is renowned in society for her work. Sherry Dyson’s marriage (Chris Gardner) was a disaster. A lot is going on between Sherry Dyson and Chris Gardner that is not good for their lives or children. Sherry Dyson’s parents died when she was 6. After her parents died, she moved home with relatives and started school.

Sherry Dyson has had a difficult existence, but she chose to become a mathematician. Sherry Dyson, a mathematician, used to teach at schools and colleges, and she married Chris Gardner when she was a mathematician. After nine years of a good marriage, Sherry Dyson divorced Chris Gardner in 1989.

Professional Life

Sherry has a strong background in mathematics. She used to be a teacher and had the opportunity to work in various educational settings. As a teacher, she also worked as a substitute teacher in the Richmond Public Schools.

Sherry Gardner was expecting the birth of Chris Gardner’s kid. Both of them were ecstatic at the prospect of becoming parents for the first time. Unfortunately, an awful situation occurred, and she miscarried her child. They experienced the loss of their first child while pregnant, which was upsetting.

Who Is Chris Gardner?

A businessman and motivational speaker, Christopher Paul Gardner (born February 9, 1954) Gardner were homeless in the early 1980s while raising a small boy. He became a stockbroker and started Gardner Rich & Co in 1987. Gardner relinquished his minority ownership and released a biography in 2006. The Pursuit of Happyness was based on the novel and starred Will Smith.

He was Bettye Jean’s second and only son, and Ophelia was his elder half-sister. Sharon and Kimberly are his mother’s children from her marriage to Freddie Triplett.

Due to his father’s absence and his stepfather’s violent abuse of his mother and sisters, Gardner grew up without strong male role models. Triplett’s rages kept Gardner and his sisters on edge. Bettye Jean was jailed when Triplett falsely accused her of welfare fraud; the kids were placed in foster care. Gardner and his sisters were eight years old when their mother was convicted of trying to kill Triplett by setting fire to his house while he was inside.

Christopher Gardner Net Worth

Mr. Christopher Gardner is an entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, and investor from the United States. Chris Gardner net worth 2020 was somewhere $45 million, but now we see that Chris Gardner net worth 2022 comes with a sum of around $70 million. Gardner’s life story became well-known after the release of the film “The Pursuit of Happyness,” which starred Will Smith as Gardner. Christopher effectively transitioned from homelessness to being a multi-millionaire with a real “rags to riches” experience behind him.

He subsequently went on to establish a profitable brokerage company. “Gardner Rich & Co.”, his stock brokerage company, accounts for a considerable percentage of his wealth. He gets money by selling his books and from his work as a motivational speaker worldwide, among other things.

Sherry Dyson Chris Gardner Ex-Wife

Sherry’s ex-husband is Christopher Paul Gardner. They met in the 1970s. Sherry is four years older than Chris, but this didn’t concern them. According to Chris, a long time ago, they went to see the movie ‘Summer of 42′. They were in a long-distance relationship and lived in two separate cities. They became closer while they talked on their phones. Chris also cited a phone bill of almost $900.

Sherry Dyson married an American businessman named Chris Gardner. Mr. Gardner has a net worth of $70m. He made a lot of money in business. Chris Gardner has a great business career and has acquired many shares of different firms to build a solid reputation in the stock market.

After all, he married Sherry Dyson, which is fortunate for him. Sherry Dyson and Chris Gardner married in 1977 and enjoyed many years together. Sherry Dyson is a math prodigy, and she assisted her husband’s business, and they fared well together.


Mathematician Sherry Dyson was popular with Chris Gardner. She was a brilliant financial expert because of her subject knowledge. In 2022, Sherry Dyson net worth is predicted to range from $100,000 to $500,000. Chris Gardner proposed to Sherry in 1977, and she began her career as a mathematician. Sherry Dyson’s family life isn’t acceptable, and she’s had a lot of hardship. Chris Gardner now has a second woman in his life after Sherry Dyson.

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