Top 50 Recession-proof business ideas in 2022

Becoming a virtual assistant can be ideal during a recession — especially if you secure clients who might not be that affected by an economic crisis. It’s vital to remember that during a recession, loyal customers are your primary source of cash flow and organic growth. When the economy is stable, it costs five times more to convert a new customer than to retain an existing one. The good news is most people, including your existing customers, have the same sentiment.

“Senior citizens always require care regardless of the economic situation,” he said. “Caring or cleaning for those unable to do it themselves will always be needed, so create a business that offers those services.” Learn more about recession-proof products and services as you reopen during challenging times in our Business Reopening Playbook. When people are out of work or their pay gets cut, they may be hesitant to invest in expensive new vehicles. Instead, they may be more likely to spend money on keeping older cars in good repair. This is good news for mechanics and businesses that supply auto parts. But, investing during a recession can be a lot easier and even profitable with a well-diversified portfolio and a few tactical changes.

Key Strategies to Grow Your Business and Increase Sales During a Recession

Healthcare and other services for seniors are generally recession resistant. Home care is growing by billions of dollars, and health is a practical and necessary industry even in a recession. If you’re looking for good businesses to start in a bad economy, the healthcare industry makes the list. Based on the list of the above recession proof industries, let’s go over some actual business ideas. It may surprise you what makes the list of recession proof business ideas. Some industries that perform well include digital marketing, finance, and healthcare. For example, you might offer social media management services to healthcare companies.

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People always need to eat, and during a recession, they typically also cut back on eating out in restaurants and ordering takeout. No matter what kind of recession proof business ideas small business you own, there are grants available to help your business grow. Digital tools are making starting a business more affordable than ever.

  • Another one of the best recession-proof business ideas is to work with cars.
  • “What’s more, consignment shop owners can directly implement consumer feedback and look for goods their audience wants, guaranteeing revenue.”
  • Recent world events like the pandemic, war in Ukraine and fuel shortages have led economic experts to believe a recession may occur soon.
  • When the economy is bad, more people may be renting their residences rather than buying.
  • During a recession, it can feel as if your money doesn’t go very far.
  • The best way to deal with uncertainty is by making educated decisions and taking calculated risks.

Witness the long-lasting caution regarding consumption characterizing Americans who lived through the Great Depression or present-day Japanese who endured a stagnant economy throughout the 1990s. The slam-on-the-brakes segment feels most vulnerable and hardest hit financially. This group reduces all types of spending by eliminating, postponing, decreasing, or substituting purchases. Although lower-income consumers typically fall into this segment, anxious higher-income consumers can as well, particularly if health or income circumstances change for the worse. Recession-proof businesses or industries are those which have inelastic demand. Health care, consumer staples, and transportation are all examples of industries whose demand does not change based on the state of the economy. People have to buy food and will likely still buy alcohol and tobacco products in a recession, but for most people, grocery-store barriers to entry may make it too hard for a first business.

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The key to successfully finding these opportunities lies in your ability to grasp an understanding of your business strategy inside and out. Recessions are wild cards and can unexpectedly flip contenders into market leaders. Using eating and drinking as a coping mechanism, humans need to eat—which makes https://quickbooks-payroll.org/ a food or beverage-related business one of the most “inelastic” industries ever. Alternatively, you can find gigs according to your particular skill set on platforms like Fiverr for writers and other creative professional services, 99designs for artists and designers, and TaskRabbit for odd-jobbers.

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